Thursday, 12 August 2010

12/8/2010 Thinking about Fish

I found some lovely photos last night from my trip to New Zealand last year – they’re of a fish sculpture/carving in local wood. Amazing thing – at least 10 feet tall and so textural with a really ‘immediate’ feeling about them, as though the artist got up that morning and just went to work on them without hesitating about the design, method, finish etc. I was so impressed with them at the time and felt I could translate some aspects of them into textiles.

Time to come up with some further ideas/sketches, I think…………………


  1. hi gail,doesnt it seem that some peoples work looks like it just that,as if it just flows from them effortlessly,without thought.i would just love that!

  2. Hi Gail

    It is a truly wonderful sculpture. I remember you enjoying it! I also took another fibre artist (Kerr Grabowski) from Mississippi to that gallery and it was the first thing she went to as well. She also photographed it. Maybe you could put the photo on the blog?

  3. Hi Eliz
    Yes, I will - its on my laptop somewhere. I've looked previously, but not come up with it. I'm now shamed into making a more indepth search!