Wednesday, 18 August 2010

18/8/2010 Yearly Bursary

We’ve been thinking whilst compiling this masters course that it would be a really nice idea to award one each year to a student who wished to carry on with their studies – not quite sure how we’d do this yet.  Anybody have any ideas?

It’s going really well, but as with all these things, progress tends to be slow at first.  However it is coming along nicely, so a few more sessions like yesterday and we should be ready to rumble!

Today is back to ‘business as usual’ with lots of sets of feedback for existing students.  We’re never short of things to do here at SST!


  1. Gail,you`re teasing us with all this talk about a masters! Cant wait to get the run down all about it!
    Any idea when that will be?

    Sandra Reynolds

  2. hi Sandra
    We're working on it NOW - honest! It's just that we've been so busy ( unusually so for the summer months) that its taken much longer than we thought...........not too much longer, I promise.