Tuesday, 14 September 2010

14/09/2010 Autumn Days

I can’t believe how summer seems to have slipped away this week – there’s a real autumn smell and feel in the air now.  The nights seem to have really shortened and its dark around 8pm.  Also I’ve caught a cold – my first of the season – this week, so it does really feel as though winter is here already as I balance my laptop and juggle with feedback and tissues at the same time!

An invitation to organise a course in Portugal dropped into my inbox last night  - I guess that’s particularly appealing at the moment, with the thought of some nice weather, but I guess it wouldn’t be so appealing when trying to squash samples, clothes etc onto a Ryanair flight to Faro……..but we’ll see. 

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  1. send all your samples on ahead by post -20 kg is about£15 I think and is insured, much easier than taking it on the flight with you!