Friday, 4 February 2011

04/02/2011 New Look Office Coming Together

Nearly there now - the old doddery table has gone and is replaced by a brand new boardroom table and some lovely new black leather type chairs - nice enough for us to schedule a meeting especially to use them!!

Lynbrook office supplies from Chorley - ( if you're looking for a new way of getting all the more usual paper and ink stuff) were wonderful - 2 chaps arrived at the time they said they would and carefully carried it in and constructed it and then cleared away the cardboard and stuff later.  How lovely was that - and how rare to get someone who gives that sort of personal service. A really big pat on the back for them.

Now I have noted that you'd like to see a pic of the office in all it's new glory, but at the moment half of it is still a tip and I'd be shamed to show it to you, so early next week, I promise, after we've had chance to clear a little of the debris......

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  1. We're holding you to that Gail!! And where's YOUR Valentine's Day heart!!