Friday, 25 February 2011

25/02/2011 Level 2 Delivery underway

Oh goodness - what a week!  My aplogies for only managing one blog post - very remiss of me. I've been very, very busy working to complete the first Level 2 course ready for launch in May.  Especially as I'm now working against time with our trip coming up - it's been 7am starts all week. Marj is doing words and I'm doing layout and now revisiting text before a final draft - lots of paracetamol has been flying around the office this week, as we all try to deal with our concentration induced migraines!!
I've been learning Adobe InDesign as I go along (with more than a little help from the excellent Steve Johnston's book Brilliant InDesign), which has also meant reacquainting myself with Photoshop and Illustrator along the way - more Steve Johnston manuals have come in handy there as well! It's a complicated package and I've done some head scratching, but every so often I've come across a feature that has made it all worthwhile - a sort of Eureka moment on the pc.........isn't it strange how something like using a dropper tool for text profiles can really cheer your day?!

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  1. Heavens Above! I got a vivid mental picture of what a "dropper tool" might be used for, and I'm feeling somewhat ill as a result! Your next competition could be a 3D functional item . . . our own unique Dropper Tool!!

    Glad you're making progress with your work Gail, because we're looking forward to having you here ... it sounds as if you're going to need that holiday!