Monday, 7 March 2011

07/03/2011 Level 2 now nearly completed.

It's been a frantic few weeks, but the first level 2 qualification is now nearly completed.  It will be released the first couple of weeks of May - but as yet is still unnamed.  It incorporates Machine Embroidery and recycling and we've been scratching our heads for a catchy title - but so far zilch, nothing, nada
Does anyone out there have any suggestions  - if so we'd be delighted to hear them!?

It's now getting very close to my New Zealand visit - off next week.  We've ummed and arghed about whether i should continue to blog whilst I'm away (bearing in mind that this is supposed to be a holiday for David and I).  The conclusion is that I'll pre-load a little stuff for timed release about current exhibitions etc and then if I do manage to get access to a pc whilst I'm away, so much the better. What do other people do? - I'm not sure I've ever taken too much notice before.............

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