Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bratislava Textiles

Yipee - I'm off to Bratislava tomorrow.  Not work, just a week away with David doing (hopefully) very little other than potter around and admire.  A little downtime is much needed at the moment.

To that end, I decided today to research textile artists and designers from Slovakia (still haven't quite got the hang of this switching off lark, have I?!!).

A particular favorite is Iveta Mihalikova, who is an experienced designer and textile artist herself and also a teacher of textile design at School of Applied Art in Bratislava.
I wanted to share some of her work with you - it is inspirational and very organic. She also paints and works in wire as well as her textile pieces. 

You can find more at her site at http://www.ivetamihalikova.eu/pages/tapiserie.aspx

1 comment:

  1. What wonderful forms! I loved the wire work particularly. Shame I simply can't knit - I'd have a tangled, knotted mess in two seconds flat... doesn't stop me loving it though.

    You'll bring us back pictures from the galleries won't you Gail?