Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Our leak problems

Gosh it is a long time since I posted - so sorry to all. 

We had a big problem at home with a water pipe connection giving way in our lounge ceiling - see photo.  We've been drying out over the last 3 weeks and everything has been at sixes and sevens so to speak, so blogging wasn't the first thing on my mind!

I do however promised to blog more consistently from now on - I've asked everyone in the office to nag me mercilessly unless i do, so hopefully you'll hear a little more from me!


  1. Oh Gail!! Heavens!! That looks like a huge flood! You poor thing. The only positive I can see is that there wasn't carpet down - did that limit the damage? I hope the insurance people have been very helpful.

  2. Thats awful Gail - I hope you've got it all sorted now, and didn't lose too much of value.