Monday, 10 March 2014

Phew - back up again!

Thank goodness we're back online with the site and email again this morning - we had visions of it lasting longer than this, but it really is amazing what an email to the domain name company CEO's personal email can accomplish!  It was delegated to the international contact center manager by 8 o'clock, he was in contact by 8.15 and had it back in under an hour.  Many thanks to you Daniel Bromley for pulling all the stops out to get us back online. 
We will do our best to get everything outstanding under control today, but it does look as though any pending emails may have been lost, so do get back in touch with us if you think it may be one of yours that has gone astray.
We'll also put our thinking caps on about how we can thank everyone for being so patient over the weekend....

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