Sunday, 9 March 2014

Website and email issues over the weekend

Hi everyone - our apologies, but we're presently having issues with our site and email, so do bear with us for a short while.
The problem is that our site domain has been 'jammed' in a transfer between domain registries (I know - by-passed us here too!).  The domain company have been working on the problem over the weekend (at least one nice guy, Callum, who seems to really care about his work at 123reg has done his very best - the rest of them seem disinterested at best) , but they have now decided they need a specialist to sort out the mess they've created and he/she won't be contactable until Monday morning now.  I'm assured that it will be a fast job once they're located, so fingers crossed for being back up and running shortly.  Meanwhile we've put temporary contact details on both FB sites and got a temporary email up - if you need to get in touch with us urgently.  We will be in the office as usual during office hours on 01257 463163.
For anyone wishing to get work in to us you can still use the dropbox directly at
Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience - no one wants this sorted more than we do and we can assure you we'll be doing all we can (basically pestering the domain company ceaselessly)  until it is.  

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