Friday, 23 September 2016

358 years of Tea Drinking in the UK - who'd a thought it!

Apparently tea drinking has been going on in the UK for the last 358 years (according to Google's banner today anyhow). 
Which sort of got me thinking of a time around 10 years ago when we had a retail shop here at Eccles Farm and a young mum dragged in her 10 year old son.  She had been working on a beautiful Lanarte cross stitch kit which had a natural linen background and had completed around half of it. Both of her children had been told they MUST NOT TOUCH mummy's work.  However the 10 year old had clearly taken up the challenge he thought this created, got it out, spilt tea on it, panicked and shoved it back without telling mum.  Of course, she found out what had happened the next time she came to work on her piece and there was a huge tea stain in the centre. She tried everything to remove it, but as we all know to our cost, after tea has dried it is very, very difficult to shift and the stain remained. She knew it had to be one of her two boys and interrogation techniques that only mum's know eventually got the eldest to admit his guilt.

She frog marched him into the shop and made him use his own pocket money to purchase a new piece of linen for the background and also to replace some of the threads she would need extra of to start again.  Which must have been rather painful for the little chap, but perhaps not as painful as mum telling the whole shop what he had done.....embarrasing or what!

Anyhow if you need to get tea or any other stains out, then checkout the Persil site for the best way to do it.


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