Friday, 9 September 2016

Life is short.......

I had some horrible news today - one of my students who thought she was making a good recovery from a serious illness emailed me to say she had just had major surgery and found out that was not the case. Of course, she won't be able to carry on with her C&G qualification, but that hardly seems an issue in the circumstances. She has much bigger concerns now.

News like that makes you stop moaning about no-one emptying the dishwasher or the dog leaving muddy footprints and really think about what is really important, doesn't it? Well, it certainly had that effect on my anyhow.

Life is short  - of course we all know that, but we try not to consider it too deeply on a day to day basis.  Sometimes, though, something really brings it home - like that email today.

So this weekend; I will not work, I will not moan.  I will, however, spend time with those I'm closest to and try to live each second as though it were my last.  Sounds cheesy, but maybe it isn't such a bad idea for us all to do that once in a while.

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  1. Great Post! .....and maybe you could make some art?